Thankful-Whole Foods


So, you know how you offer to host Thanksgiving and then all of a sudden it’s like November and you realize you HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! Like- clean the entire house, in and out, making it “mother-in-law” clean? Plus plan a table scape and make sure everyone has someplace to sleep and you have […]

Sharing Thanks With Our Pups!


Disclosure: Post sponsored by Lunchbox but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. Pets are more than just animals in our house- they’re family.  I was really excited when  Walmart offered us us a chance to  use our dog’s favorite treats to show them JUST HOW  thankful we are for them. […]

Wanted: A Friend


In a world where you can find pretty much anything you need online, I wondered if I could find something I am seeking: Friends.  I mean IRL or ‘in real life friends’.  I have lots of on-line friend and I love and cherish them, but there is something about a friend you can meet for […]

Toodle Pip


Dear Jane, The day you told me for sure that you and your family were going to be moving away, I said I understood and was here to support you. I did understand. I do support you.  But the real truth is, I’m heartbroken. The first time I met you I knew, I just knew […]

Making Changes for Making Friends


Today I’m sitting at my best friends house in Connecticut supervising the packers as they pack up her house while she’s in New Jersey closing on her new house.  An unexpected move for her,  her husbands company moved and is taking her and her family with them.  It’s a good move for her, and them, […]

I Voted Today


Today I did one of the duties that is the right AND responsibly of all Americans. I voted. This wasn’t a particularly contentious election season. There weren’t any HUGE hot button topics (for me, anyway). No longer having cable, I didn’t even have to see all the election propaganda. But lately it seems that I […]